Living US Life Style

Living the average US lifestyle

Living the average US lifestyle shaves an entire decade off of our potential maximum life span. Are you wanting to be around as long as possible to capture the most out of your life? Do you sense that deep pang of sadness when another one of your friends or relatives passes away suddenly, and you know you want to do all you can to soak up all life has to offer from here on out?

Well I have some good news! Success leaves clues.  In his book “The Blue Zones”, Dan Beuttner has studied pockets in the world where the largest percentage of centenarians live. We can learn a great deal about how to maximize our longevity by examining their lifestyles. Make sure you are playing with all the pro tips so you can continue to have energy, enjoy vibrant health, and savor those moments and experiences with your loved ones that make life worth living. 

One of the most rewarding things you can do to increase your longevity is to have strong family and social networks. The people in the blue zones usually live with their grandchildren and their great grandchildren, giving them a purpose in life and a reason to live. They feel like they matter and they get to participate in important family events. They have friends that visit daily, and always have something to look forward to.  If you don’t live near family, find a hobby you enjoy or volunteer at something that you really love. 

Engage regularly in regular, low intensity physical activity such as light household chores and walking slowly. 4-10,000 steps a day gives a constant movement and leads best to optimal health for living a long healthy life. You don’t have to engage in overly strenuous activities. This keeps you agile and decreases your chances of falling, your metabolism high, and readily removes wastes from the body.

Drink moderate amounts of alcohol, no more than one or two glasses per day. Any more than that and you lose the benefits of lower rates of heart disease and decreased hardening of the arteries. 

The cornerstones of the longevity diet is beans, whole grains, and garden vegetables. Eat from the earth totaling 6 to 10 servings of fruits and vegetables a day. I personally eat one cup of mixed berries almost every morning with my oatmeal. Then I just go ahead and peel a small tangerine and cut up half of an apple and eat that when hunger strikes, I eat a green vegetable at lunch, green beans or salad. And at dinner I have something orange or red, like sweet potatoes or tomatoes. Push the easy button as frequently as possible. Don’t overthink it.

Have a strong spiritual awareness. Know that there is something bigger to the meaning of your life than just your physical body in space and time. Celebrate holidays with your family, and remember you’re connected to something bigger. Social connectedness matters, even living in smaller houses is better for longevity because it forces you to be together with your family. Take time daily to unplug and be quiet, and reduce the chatter in your head by limiting exposure to television and electronics as much as possible.  

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