Hi, I'm Dr. Cindy

Hi, I'm Dr. Cindy

I’m a vibrant, vivacious, electrifying, driven, unstoppable superstar
that has an incredible passion for helping women thrive in their lives.

As a Hospitalist, I constantly walk amongst people who are on their last days of their lives, which inspires me every single day to help women take ownership of their lives so that they can find everlasting youth and joy. I am extremely passionate about helping women go from being great to phenomenal and to empower them to feel inspired about their lives.

And trust me, I get it. At 40 I was overweight and sad, feeling like I had hit every single important milestone of my life. I had a successful career working as a full-time Doctor. I had 2 wonderful kids and I had a life that on paper, sounded great. But deep down inside, I felt grey and unhappy. One day, I was standing in a room with a 49 year old patient who was having a heart attack and it hit me. That was going to be me in a few years if I didn’t do something about where I was.

So I woke up and took action. I decided to train and prepare myself for an Ironman Triathlon even though I had to learn from scratch how to bike and swim. I completed a feat of athleticism that I never even dreamed was possible for me. I faced fears and conquered them one by one, for 2 years until I hit my goal. I had to learn and sink into my bones how incrementally, small steps, done over time, would lead to the effortless completion of a goal.


50 years and over a million dollars in education



Through my own experience, I have realized that you have the power to transform your life and truly become a champion of your own destiny. I bring together  mindset + spiritual mastery, exercise, gut health, mitochondrial health optimization, hormone production, and world class support to truly transform women’s lives.

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