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Are you stuck in a rut? Do you watch from the sidelines while others accomplish great things? Have you faced crushing disappointment? Do failures paralyze you? This inspiring book will help you move past your fears; it is for people who are tired of letting their excuses get in the way. Dr. Cindy Starke overcame deeply ingrained childhood fears and a complete lack of ability to swim or bike and completed a full iron-distance triathlon—140.6 miles of swimming, biking, and running. Her circuitous path traversed self-doubt, years of grit and determination, and a devastating failure. Dr. Starke’s first attempt ended with a DNF–did not finish--which initially crushed her hopes and dreams. But it was her initial failure that fueled her desire to continue chasing her destiny. Let her journey inspire you, too. From Fear and Failure-- To the Finish Line gives you the guidance to move past failure to success. Dr. Starke shows you how to: • Conquer your fears, barriers, and self-limiting thoughts • Unlock your potential • Dare to dream big • Embark on life-changing adventure • Never again let failure define you Nothing is stopping you from living the bold life you desire. Read this book now!

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